I suppose there's nothing immoral about separating fools or pet owners from their money

What's the provenance of that banana? 

What's the provenance of that banana? 

Free range chicken mixed with organic Quinoa and carrots are the new dog food. The link's to an LA Times article, but I've heard "sponsorship" ads for grass-fed beef / organic beets, etc. for dogs on, where else, NPR.

Who not only buys this stuff but worse, pays extra for it? I assume it's the same crowd of college educated ladies who purchase utterly useless homeopathic remedies at Whole Foods. These are the same people who're convinced that global warming is real "because the science is settled", yet abandon that faith when science proves that homeopathy is a fraud, carnivorous dogs don't need and can't use kale, and no dog on earth can distinguish between grass-fed and grain-fed beef, caged or uncaged chicken.

The world's aways had idiots, of course, but they used to be employed by villages to serve as a form of entertainment and jollity. Now they are the village.

Pray for our souls.