Sarah Dara Dara Littman, moron, homophobe, anti-semite, historical illiterate

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Communism? Che Guevara? "Something worth fighting for"? You can forgive a 14-year-old for this sort of stupidity, but not a 59-year-old crone. Surely she should have learned by now of Stalin's persecution of Jews, of Che's torture of homosexuals, and communism's reliance on purges, concentration camps, and execution of political dissidents.

From Lenin to Stalin to Mao, from Czechoslovakia to Poland, East Germany to Cuba, to Pol Pot's Cambodia, to Rocket Man, to Maduro's Venezuela, communists have starved, murdered and imprisoned hundreds of millions of people, all in the name of social justice. Can Littmann cite a single communist regime that she thinks is worth fighting for? The dumb bitch was on this globe when almost all of this was going on, yet she still believes a military officer, sworn to loyalty to our country, should fight for this? That he's serving a noble cause?

If there's anything not worth fighting for, it's Sara Dara Dara, but sadly, she comes with the package.