Idiot actress (but then, I repeat myself) now regrets advocating the banning of an anti-war Israeli play

Gott im himmel, what'd I do?

Gott im himmel, what'd I do?

Greta Gerwig is now "real sorry" she demanded Lincoln Center cancel production of "The End of the Land" last summer.

Greta Gerwig, a potential Oscar frontrunner for her upcoming directorial debut “Lady Bird” — has exclusively told Page Six that it was a mistake to lend her name to a letter asking Lincoln Center to ban an Israeli-backed play.
Page Six previously reported that Gerwig’s name appeared on a letter with over 60 artists calling on Lincoln Center to cancel performances of “To the End of the Land,” which is being presented “with support of Israel’s Office of Cultural Affairs in North America.” A source said, “There is an Oscar campaign afoot for Gerwig, and her team doesn’t want her controversial anti-Israel opinions hurting her chances.”
On Friday, Gerwig told us in an exclusive statement that she regrets signing the letter.
“This past summer, a close friend asked me to lend my name to a letter,” Gerwig wrote in a statement. “I am generally careful about the causes I support, but in this case I was not. I was unfamiliar with the complexities of the letter and I did not take the time to study them.”
...  I am sorry for any confusion or hurt I may have caused.”

Although as recently as five days ago Gerwig's handlers were refusing to let reporters even mention her call for censoring the play, the realization that she'd jeopardized her Oscar quest has caused the German-American ("hey, it was grandfather who gassed those people, not me") actress to reconsider. This morning she reached out to FWIW to say that she was furious with her management and her "so-called friends" for letting her sign onto the anti-israel campaign.

 "Of course I didn't read the fucking play, let alone see it," she told FWIW, "so I have no fucking idea what it's about, but all the cool kids were signing on, and, you know, Israel's like — you know, some kind of Nazi place, right? So what was wrong with going along? What's wrong with being liked? 
My manager never told me that there were Jews in Hollywood, powerful Jews — who let them in? — who'd get pissed off at me for signing that goddamned letter, and my shitty friends didn't, either. Now I'm up for an Oscar, and this goddamn thing is coming back to bite me in the ass. Shit. So okay, I'm really, really sorry, okay? Now can I have my fucking prize?"