Trump just demolished the "mentally ill, senile idiot" meme that's been so occupying the left the past few weeks

Here's the CSPAN video of yesterday's bi-partisan meeting on DACA and border security. Lots not to like, perhaps, from a conservative perspective, but Trump is clearly not forgetting where and who he is, or repeating sentences, or drooling. He's doing what he's always prided himself on, trying to make a deal. I've read serious, though hysterical demands from the left that the president be seized by guards and forcibly subjected to a physciatric examination. Watch at least part of the video: it's 55 minutes long, and I don't have that much free time, but I did spend 20, listening to Trump's opening statements and those of various Democrats, then fast forwarding to those sections that show Trump speaking. The video, via Trump, speaks for itself.

It's been a year since his taking office, and 14 months since his election, and the Left is still in its foaming at the mouth Trump Derangement Syndrome. With the Russian collusion meme collapsing, they've come up with a 25th Amendment argument for a coup, and this hour-long video will quash that. I have absolutely no doubt that there will be a new angle of attack next week, but it'd be nice if these maniacs could just, finally, accept the results of the election, and devote their attention to the next one.