This won't end well

He's as dumb as I am, promise! You're gonna love it.

He's as dumb as I am, promise! You're gonna love it.

New Jersey's incoming governor Phil Murphy promises higher taxes, a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, and higher spending.

Maybe there's hope for CT after all: the stream of refugees from that shithole state might just keep us going for another decade.

“This state, under the current leadership, has gotten into the belief that if I give something to you, it comes at my expense,” Murphy said. “That’s a myth. Raising the minimum wage does not take from growth, it adds to growth. Earned sick leave gives workers a lot more confidence and adds to their participation in the economy. Equal pay for equal work isn’t, ‘Here, I’ll give this to you.’ It’s confidence, it’s participation.”
“This state used to be a progressive beacon,” he said. “In many respects, that soul has been ripped out of us. We can put it back.”

OPDAT: We're Number One! California, according to U.S. Census Bureau, now has the highest percentage: 20%, of citizens living in poverty. The state has surpassed former titleholders W. Virginia and New Mexico..