Love it, love it, love it: DeBlasio to install 150 drunks, drug addicts and the mentally-muddled (probably redundant) right smack in the middle of "Billionaires Row" — all males, too.

Coming soon to 58th Street

Coming soon to 58th Street

And aren't the existing residents, almost certainly all Democrats, howling. Why, these new people will turn their neighborhood into a shithole!

Indeed they will.

Mayor Bill de Blasio blindsided Manhattan’s “Billionaire’s Row” with a quietly announced plan to open a men’s homeless shelter in the former Park Savoy Hotel.
Residents at posh tower One57 are fuming over this planned hotel-turned-homeless shelter.
The building at 158 W. 58th St. — which stands back-to-back against the city’s most expensive apartment building, One57 — is being converted into housing for 150 residents and is scheduled to open in March, the city’s Department of Homeless Services said Wednesday.
Hizzoner’s plan — part of a program to create 90 new shelters across all five boroughs — was revealed last week in letters to local elected officials.
“Are you kidding me?” said a resident of the landmark JW Marriott Essex House hotel and condo building on Park South.
“I am in shock. You just shocked the s–t out of me.”
Victoria Bader, a dancer who’s been living on West 58th Street for the past two years, said, “How does this happen? We had no warning.”
Patricia Jenkins, who works in marketing and lives nearby, expressed frustration that “the city has a homeless epidemic and there seems to be no solution.”
“I don’t have an answer, but I know I do not want a homeless shelter in my neighborhood,” she said.
Rich Montilla, director of security for One57 and the adjacent Park Hyatt hotel, said he was “concerned for our guests going out in that area — we have an exit and entrance there for guests and condo owners.”
“I don’t know if these gentlemen are violent, I don’t know what to expect,” he said.

Oh yes you do, but lighten up, fella: these are just friends you haven't met yet, just like the new imports from Senegal y'all been demanding.

UPDATE: Found this amusing tidbit in a New York Magazine article on the Construction of One57. While the developer surely has no regrets about not buying the decrepit former hotel slated for the homeless — he's long gone — I imagine his customers are sorry, now.

Considering the scale, construction at One57 has moved relatively quickly. In 2005, this stretch of 57th Street comprised a handful of brownstones, a parking garage, and a once-grand hotel, the Park Savoy. Extell bought out the owners of the brownstones and the parking garage, and Barnett told me he was willing to pay a bit north of $10 million for the Park Savoy. The owners asked for $80 million. So Extell simply built around the hotel, which is now wedged into the dank armpit of One57. (I recently suggested to Barnett that the hotel might benefit from its proximity to his skyscraper. He waited a beat and then grinned. “Nope,” he said.)