Shouldn't these people be protesting outside Mosques?

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to protest against President Donald Trump, and many of them donned costumes inspired by the Hulu series "The Handmaid's Tale." This echoed pro-abortion protesters who dressed up in similar costumes to oppose restrictions on abortion.
Leftists have increasingly adopted a "Handmaid's Tale" theme in their opposition to Donald Trump. Many have claimed that Trump's presidency represents a misogynistic regime not dissimilar to the dystopia in the Hulu series (and the book by Margaret Atwood on which it is based).
In the show and the book, a repressive government twists one particular Bible passage into an anti-woman regime, kicking women out of their jobs, removing their property, and forcing them to be systematically raped to bear children. This Leftist fantasy has no connection with what evangelical Christians actually believe, what pro-life activists push for, or what Trump himself has done in office.

This sounds exactly like the rules prescribed by the Koran, not the bible, nor The Donald. Ask a survivor of the Taliban, ISIS, or any resident of Pakistan. The only thing missing, and I'm sure the ladies will amend their complaint once reminded of it, is pederasty: Mohammad, peas be upon him, married a nine-year-old girl to add to his collection of wives, so surely that sin should be ascribed to Trump, just to complete these people's confusion of Islam with Christianity and Trumpism.