Home Inspectors: Martin Greenberg

Money Pit

Money Pit

A question came up in the comments section of my post on the skeleton found behind the walls of a newly-purchased foreclosure property (heeheehee — sorry), and I thought that my response there might be useful to would-be buyers who don't read the comments.

There are a lot of incompetent home inspectors out there, and some very good ones, but the very best inspector that I know of is Martin Greenberg, Dominion Inspection services, (917) 329-1463, marting@dominionrisk.com. He works in both Westchster and Fairfield counties.

I've used Marty's services for almost 20 years now, and he's always come through, by which I mean he is incredibly thorough and knowledgable and, if he spots a problem, he can give an estimate (he's also a builder) of what, approximately it would cost to fix, so the buyer can decide for him or herself whether to proceed. He also produces what is in effect an "owner's manual", detailing what needs to be attended to now, 1 year from now, 10 years from now, etc., and what maintenance should be done, at what times, over those years.

Marty's "flunked" at least 3 houses I had accepted offers on and oh-so-close to being sold, and I love him for it. I absolutely don't want one of my clients buying a bad house, so if Marty prevents that, I'm relieved, not annoyed.

A complete straight shooter, but at the same time, not an alarmist. As he's told me and my clients many times, he's not worried about a defect if he can figure out what's causing it, because then it's only a matter of money, and the buyer can decide whether to go forward or walk. "It's the problems whose cause I can't figure out that give me pause".

Good man.