From an original $7.2 million ask to, today, $3.450: I'm guessing that there's still more room to fall.

Old and in the way

Old and in the way

96 Maple Avenue, now $3.450. I'm reminded of the story of the poor sap who jumped off the Empire State Building. As he passed the 32nd floor, a fellow opened a window and called, "how's it going?".  "So far, so good", the jumper answered. 

This total wreck of a house, built in 1910, has been divided into a two-unit building, which makes it less, not more attractive. The original listing agent claimed it was "designed by 'Sanford' White' [sic] ", which would have been a neat trick, because that gentleman was shot to death June 25th, 1906 (the 30th anniversary of Custer's Last Stand, and 47 years before Pal Nancy's birth, just as a fascinating tidbit) but she also estimated its value at $7.2, so let's excuse her further exercise in hyperbole.

The current agent has dropped both the price and the false attribution to White, but she's also plucked a name for the brick pile out of the air: "The Cedars". If there's a cedar tree on the lot, I missed it. Maybe Sanford White's killer chopped it down.

in any event, there's not much to salvage here (it's being sold "as is"), and I doubt anything will be.