At some point, this house has got to be a bargain

7 Cherry Valley.jpg

7 Cherry Valley Road, which has been on the market since 2010, where it started at $1.980 million and has been dropping oh-so-slowly ever since, hit $1.295 yesterday. I've probably only toured it twice in the past eight years, but as I recall, it's a perfectly decent house in need of modernizing, but not necessarily a total re-do. 

Of course, that may be not be the case, because if a new owner would have to completely rewire and replumb it, say, it may make more sense to just  tear it down and start again; perhaps why the hasn't sold in all this time. As a building lot, it has some wetlands issues, and the Merritt isn't far away — I personally don't think I'd build new here, but again, at some price, this ought to work for someone.