Well, we won't have Nixon to kick around anymore

We’ve had an awful lot of fun mocking 918 North Street since it first erupted on the market like an ugly pustule in 2009, priced at $16.9 million. We hooted, hollered, and jumped with glee as we watched this execrable house suffer the slings and arrows of market misfortune and as recently as last month suggested that some merciful soul send a bulldozer up there to raze the place and put the owner out of his misery.

But it turns out that, even as I wrote, salvation was on the way. The latest listing agent, Sally Maloney, who is the class act of Greenwich real estate (and one of my favorite people in the world) had prevailed upon her client to cut the price from $7.995 to $4.999 million that day, and lo, someone emerged from the weeds to snap up the bait. I suspect that someone may be Harvey Weinstein, given his tastes, and what appears to an increasingly likely chance for acquittal, but regardless, the place is reported as pending today and it will soon be someone else’s millstone.

And it shouldn’t be forgotten that America is the land of second chances. Nixon himself came roaring back from defeat to become President of the United States, and that turned out pretty well, until it didn’t. Cross your fingers and whisper a prayer for 918.

918 north.jpg