That'll learn her

Drunken teacher bites student on the ass

A former middle school teacher has pleaded guilty to biting a 14-year-old girl’s butt as the teen played water volleyball during a Fourth of July celebration in Georgia.

Jonathan William Herbert, 30, will serve 30 days in jail and four years probation under the plea deal reached on Friday, according to The Daily Mail.

Herbert allegedly did nothing to hide his actions: Multiple witnesses saw the drunken educator swim underwater and bite the girl while in a lake north of Atlanta, authorities said. The perv then tried to bribe a cop with $200 after he was nabbed.

He didn’t have any connection to the girl or her family. Herbert resigned from his teaching job on Aug. 1.

Probably just as well.

(Daily Mail article on this incident reports that Mr. Herbert is a resident of Dacula, Georgia — do you suppose they dropped an “r”? )