Robocalls — 33% of all incoming? My own experience is closer to 95%

Robocalls on the rise, and people are switching to texting instead.

Like many, I’ve stopped answering calls from unknown numbers. If the caller leaves a message (rarely) I first check the duration of that message, and if it’s less than 30 seconds, I delete it.

The scammers will undoubtedly come up with a clever way to transition to text frauds but for now, if you want to contact me and you don’t think I’ve already got you on my contact list, leave a message, and make it longer than 30 seconds. Good advice when calling anyone for the first time.

People seem to be actually answering their phones less and less these days, also using them to make fewer calls when texting and social network messaging works just fine and is even quicker in many cases. Arguably helping that trend along is the fact that we don’t always know who it is on the other end of the phone when we get a call, thanks to the veritable explosion in robocalls and a myriad of scam-type phone calls.

Transaction Network Services has estimated that one-third of all calls placed in the first half of 2018 were robocalls. Also, the FTC says it gets about 400,000 complaints about robocalls every single day.