I know what I'd have advised had I been their agent but ...

marks road.jpg

Some idiot has “won” a bidding war and purchased 20 Marks Road, asking $4.195 million, for $4.210. LA Rams’ center, Riverside native Johnny Sullivan sold it to these sellers in 2015 for $3.255 and they, in turn, put in a pool and brought in a bunch of decorator furniture, and have sold the assemblage to some naif flush with Wall Street bonus money. God bless free enterprise, and P.T. Barnum.

All this reminds me of my older brother John’s coup back in the late 60s: he bought a trashed mini-bike for twenty bucks, spray-painted it metallic blue and gold and slapped “Batman” decals on both sides of its fuel tank, and unloaded the thing for a hundred. Mini-bike buyers didn’t use buyers reps back then, so they were on their own, but children with more money than brains shouldn’t venture into the suburbs without a guide.