Why we hate the press, Chapter 8,917

21-year-old Kyler Murray wins Heisman Award, and on the proudest moment in his young life, it took the media just a few hours to dig up four “homophobic” social media posts written when he was fifteen-years old and that, rather than his triumph, became the story. Murray used the word “queer” back then, a term which, so far as I know, is still in use, even by queers, faggots and light-in-the-loafer Nancy boys themselves, so, so what?

The modern, sanctimonious version of reporters like Scott Gleeson, who claims to be a sports-writer, and his peers disgust me. It’d be amusing to dig into their own backgrounds and see what they themselves might have said and written when they were fifteen, but why waste time on such miserable, sanctimonious wretches?