Back again, for one more try

26 Twin Lakes.jpg

26 Twin Lakes Drive (an extension of Gilliam Lane, in Riverside) is "new" today, at a price of $2.950 million. It failed to sell last year at $2.750, and I'm unaware of any significant changes that would cause buyers who rejected it then to leap at it now, but heck, nothing wrong with giving it that old college try.

This property's been for sale, off and on, between rentals and at successively-lower prices (until today) since 2011, when it tried for $3.950. The problem has always been, besides price, that while its pictures show a nicely-renovated and expanded home, inside, it still feels like the 1960 house that it is. But in a good location, overlooking one of the small, brackish ponds that the man who developed this stretch of Gilliam called a "lake". Small, yes, but it does provide privacy and a sense of space from its neighbors.

For those with an appreciation of minor sports history, the house was originally purchased by "Muzz" Patrick, former NY Rangers coach and player, and grandson of Lester Patrick, for whom hockey's "Patrick Divison" is named. And little Dorothy Hamill used to set blade to ice on that pond back when she was first learning to skate in 1964 - 65 or so.

I doubt any of that will inspire a buyer to pay anything above its market price and so far, $2.950 hasn't been that price. I anticipate further reductions.