Oh dear, I so wish they wouldn't do this

This one won't last!

This one won't last!

My colleagues in real estate are out there plugging a "sellers' market", and because our local ad whore, Greenwich Time, limps along almost entirely on the revenue those realtors provide, it's only too happy to publish this nonsense as news.

Here's the situation, at least as I see it, and you are entirely free to dismiss me as a ranting old curmudgeon: There are indeed plenty of buyers out prowling, and a well-priced home will be snapped up quickly. There are also many, many homes that have been priced at ridiculous levels, and buyers aren't stupid enough to listen to the listing agent's (or, and I blush to admit the possibility) their own representative's blandishments.

I've preached this for almost 20 years now: price it, sell it. Don't wait around for years for that mythical, "special" buyer, "who truly gets it", and don't dream that, if only the right advertising campaign were employed, someone will pay you more for your house than it's worth. If you want to move, move. Otherwise, pull your house from the market, stay put, and enjoy the relief of not having to keep your home fit to be seen by strangers on an hour's notice.