A victory for the fat men of America!

A win for the rest of us

A win for the rest of us

US Curling Team wins a gold.

You figure this out, then go have a double-chocolate milkshake to celebrate:

They saw Shuster convert a double-takeout for a five-ender in the eighth — an exceedingly rare score that made it 10-5 and essentially clinched the win.

Sweden retained the last-rock advantage known as the hammer for the ninth end, and scored two.

But that gave the hammer to the Americans for the 10th and final end. Shuster played it safe, throwing away one stone intentionally to keep the target area clear and avoid the traffic that can lead to big scores. The remaining rocks were used to methodically pick off Sweden’s until there weren’t enough left to catch up.
With two stones apiece left, Swedish skip Niklas Edin pushed off with a spin and a smile, and then conceded defeat.

I heard on the radio yesterday that a few years ago Shuster, the leader of these guys, was cut from the official Olympics squad, and went on to form his own team, self-titled "The Rejects". I so hope that's true.

Somewhere in America, Nick Foles is smiling.