Let's defund the FBI until it can explain why a single nickel of taxpayer money was spent on this investigation

Unpaid or hired help — who cares?

Unpaid or hired help — who cares?

Sports agent and NCAA coach arrested for paying a kid to play basketball

Our overworked agents are too busy to follow up tips about mass murderers and terrorists, but they do have the time to investigate college athletic programs. Major universities make untold millions on their football and basketball programs, their coaches are paid multi-million-dollar salaries, and receive even more in endorsement programs by agreeing to dress their athletes in specific shoes and underwear, and it turns out that those athletes themselves want a piece of the action? The gall.

Something like one-tenth of one percent of student athletes make it to the NFL or NBA, while their chances of scrambling their brains or tearing apart their bodies are one hundred times greater. Our finest universities are running a minor league training program for professional sports teams and enriching themselves at the expense of poor, naive children who don't even receive the education they were promised, and no one in our country's education industry really cares.

Is there really anyone in America who gives a good goddamn if some of these kids are being paid for their efforts to enrich their employers?