This seems like a decent deal

15 Juniper Lane.jpg

15 Juniper Lane, Riverside, has sold for $2.350 million. Built as a spec house by a very good contractor and priced at $2.895 in 2008 it failed to sell, so he moved his own family into it after a while. It was later rented out until last September, when it returned to the market at $2.549.

Juniper's a bit of a tough sell, because it abuts the railroad (though houses are on the northern side of the street, so there's a buffer). On the plus side, it's a short stroll to the station, maybe a five-minute walk to Eastern, and, for slow walkers, maybe 10 to Riverside School. 

15 Juniper has a bit of a dodgy back yard, and the design isn't much, for my taste, but the quality of the interior finishes is, again in my opinion, superior to many houses far more expensive than this one. I think the buyer has done well here.