Not sure the street will support this, but maybe it will

69 circle drive.jpg

After 403 days, 69 Circle Drive Extension, asking $2.499 million, has a contract. Most sales on this street and Circle Drive proper (which is even closer to I-95 and the railroad) have been selling in the $800,000 -$900,000 range, but the have been modest homes. This one, although built in 1954, had been extensively redone, and if the cheaper homes are also slated for re-dos, then fine. Otherwise, not so fine.

I remember the Marshall and Mary Ann Heaven built a spec home near this one, years ago, and did alright, but our GMLS erased its records for sales dating back 10 (15?) years ago, so I can't give you that selling price. 

This one is a really nice house, and I can understand its appeal — I just wonder whether the buyers will prove to be pioneers, and it's the pioneers who get the arrows.

Deerfield, MA, 1704: Injuns drop in for a visit

Deerfield, MA, 1704: Injuns drop in for a visit