Finally, we can do something more than merely boycotting: time to get your LL Bean refunds

Make 'em pay

Make 'em pay

L.L. Bean has caved into the latest gun control craze and has proudly announced that it has raised the age of people allowed to purchase guns from 18 to 21. Pure showmanship: the company sells a few shotguns and hunting rifles from its main showroom in Freeport, period, but I consider this announcement as a betrayal of the sportsmen who have supported them all these years.

I'm presently located just ten miles down the road from that Freeport store. Today, I'm collecting everything I still have that I've ever purchased from Bean's: fly rods, shotgun, pack, ice fishing traps, fishing tackle, boots, slippers, shirts, and anything else I can locate, and will appear there tomorrow demanding a full refund for all. I'll videotape the event and post the result here tomorrow.Should be fun.

In the meantime, I'll point out that their "100% satisfaction guarantee" is still in force: this would be a fine time for readers to use it.

UPDATE: After checking around,. Bean's will still honor its lifetime satisfaction guarantee for any item purchased before February 9, 2018, when it announced its change of policy. Send 'em in.