Finally, this Riverside home is (very) reasonably priced

150 Riverside.jpg

150 Riverside Avenue has dropped its price to $2.595 million. It's a beautiful house, built in 1873 and renovated and updated over the years, located on the corner of Pinecrest and two doors up from Gilliam Lane.

It's been on the market for four full years now, when it started off at $4.150 million. And that was a shame, because, while it was never worth that starting price, I, and I'm sure other agents had customers who loved the house but hated the price. I'm pretty sure I could have sold it in the low threes, high-twos a couple of years ago, and I could have used the money.

Regardless, if you like Riverside, and prefer older homes, this is now very much worth looking at.

Or that's my opinion, anyway; if it's still for sale in September, feel free to ridicule me.