Pending in Belle Haven

521 Field .jpg

521 Field Point Road. Built in 2001, sold in 2005 for $6.035, and asked $6.475 this time, in 2015, with a last-asking -price three years later of $5.850. My guess is that it will be going for about a million less than that $6.475 price.

It was built by Hobbs, so you know that the construction quality is absolutely solid, but the lot is just 0.71 of an acre in an RA-1 zone, so our FAR restrictions limited it to a one-car garage and a pull-down attic (which are useless, unless you're storing feathers or marshmallows). Some day, someone with more influence than I will question how a band of staff employees and unelected residents were permitted to strip so much wealth from Greenwich home owners by enacting inane building restrictions.