Finally, a Frenchman confesses to what we all already knew

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French waiter fired for "rude, aggressive behavior by Canadian restaurant claims discrimination: Rudeness is an imtegral part of French culture. I know that, you know that, but until now, the only solid evidence of it was found in a historical documentary, depicting events from long ago.

A French waiter at a Canadian restaurant accused his former employer of discrimination based on his culture after being fired for “aggressive, rude and disrespectful” demeanor.
Guillaume Rey filed a complaint with British Columbia's Human Rights Tribunal against Milestones Restaurant in Vancouver and its parent company, Cara Operations, claiming “discrimination against my culture,” CBC reported Saturday.
Rey worked as “shift lead” at the restaurant, where his duties included supervising other waiters, according to CBC. Rey was fired in August 2016 after an incident with one of the servers that left the server was left “borderline in tears,” the restaurant manager said.
Rey claimed in his discrimination complaint that French culture “tends to be more direct and expressive” and he was fired for “direct, honest and professional personality” that he acquired during his training in France’s hospitality industry.