New Lake Avenue listed in the nose-bleed altitude

751 Lake.jpg

751 Lake, asking $8.195 million. When it was new in 2014 I had clients who spent a long time here, considering, and though they ultimately chose another home, that decision had nothing to do with the exceptional quality of this one: it's Kaali-Nagy designed, and beautifully built.

I'm always struck by the transient nature of Greenwich residency when sales like these hit the market. Brand new in 2014, $7.850, pool and extra landscaping added and then ... off they go.

This is not a new phenomenon in town: I think I read, decades ago, that the average stay in town was 18 months, and certainly, growing up, few of my friends stayed around long enough to hit permanent status. Might as well have lived on a military base.

Good for real estate agents, though.