World ends: women, but not minorities, hardest hit

A friend sends along this communication from The Hamptons Blue Book, with the observation that "the barbarians have officially stormed the gate".


History of this little, but exclusive volume here. The article is from 2007, the year before Walter Noel and Bernie Madoff's fall from grace. I like this part:

All this furtiveness hasn’t stopped some supposedly private people from offering up more than their share of information. The Noels, a Greenwich, Conn., family with a home, the Dolphins, in Southampton, have an entry nearly a half-page long. But who wouldn’t want to crow about five daughters, three of them Ivy League educated and all married off, and 16 grandchildren? It is the kind of display that might appear gauche, if it wasn’t what made the Blue Book such an amusing beach read.

I imagine that particular entry was significantly edited in 2008.