Back to the future II

24 Pell Place.jpg

24 Pell Place, Riverside, sold for full price, $3.435 when it was built in 2004. Placed back on the market a year ago at $4.540 million, it's lingered on the market since, suffering a series of price cuts. Today it was dropped to $3.6. Assuming normal negotiations, this house is probably going to end up back where it started fourteen years ago. Or lower.

Which surprises me, because, while its exterior design in front is unfortunate, it's a very nice house inside, and extremely well-built. It normally enjoys a beautiful view over Binny Park, and I wonder if the interminable dredging project of Binney Pond has hurt its chances.

If this is within your price range, I'd recommend that you check it out: it could work for your family. And the dredging is almost done.

No no no, you're selling the house, not the swing. Better a fuzzy foreground than a fuzzy house.