Trump Derangement Syndrome claims still more victims

Russian Stooge

Russian Stooge

The latest to hit the news cycle: NRA corrupted by the Ruskies!

A total of $2,500 was received over the period 2012-2016 from as many as 23 different Russians, including Russians living in the United States, the organization has now confessed. Senator Ron Wyden, (D. OR), who has been conducting a one-man investigation into the collusion between the NRA and Putin has now been vindicated, and the taxpayer dollars he's expended proven to have been money well spent.

Dang it, Senator, you caught me, and I give up. As a card-carrying member of the NRA, I now stand ready to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee and I will not plead the 5th: I will confess that I, and every other fellow member of my organization, was ready, even eager to support Hillary Clinton and her gun-confiscation agenda, until we heard that the Russians had padded our coffers with enough lucre to fund a life-time financial security plan for all five million of us, whereupon we followed instructions,  tuned in our transistor radios at midnight and received secret instructions from Moscow to vote for Trump. 

If you'd like to be amused or depressed on this gloomy Sunday, Google "NRA Russian connection" and see how this nothing burger has driven the press into still another frothing madness. By the time this is all over, the poor children will  be nothing but little pools of spittle on the floor.