Bottom story of the day, so far: Chris Murphy will oppose Pompeo.

whatever it is, whoever it is, i'm against it!

whatever it is, whoever it is, i'm against it!

Will vote against confirmation of Pompeo as Secretary of State.

Murphy together with his partner in idiocy Richard Blumenthal has voted against or stalled almost every one of Trump's nominations, including, most egregiously to this lawyer, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

How incoherent is our Senator? How totally inconstant is his thinking [sic] process, other than his consistent determination to cripple this administration? This much: after opposing Trump's determination to thwart Iran's increasing influence in Syria and the rest of the middle east, he apparently calls for outright war:

The hearing took place less than 48 hours before Trump actually ordered a strike aimed at Syrian chemical weapons making capacity. Murphy condemned the bombing, likening it to failed U.S. military strategy in the 1960s in Vietnam when massive bombing did not force the North Vietnamese to the negotiating table.
“That is what is likely to happen in Syria — a bloodier, more brutal war as a result of continued U.S. half measures,” Murphy said Saturday.

So which is it, Senator, a fear of "a bloodier, more brutal war", of a condemnation of "half-measures". Murphy wouldn't know, because he really only knows that he doesn't like the elected President of the United States.

No one ever got got elected to Congress on brain power — at least in recent decades, but Murphy is beginning to make Maxine Waters look like she's qualified to join MENSA.