Why are "green energy" advocates so stupid? I assume it's deliberate

Television star/NY Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon:

“It’s time to treat the Earth as our shared home where no one will worry that their air, water, or land is being polluted by poison dug up from the ground,” the former “Sex and the City” star said during a speech about environmental policy at the Rockaway YMCA in Queens.

Message to Miss Nixon and the millions of her intellectual peers who support this nonsense: Your unicorn energy is dependent on things like cobalt, mined by child slaves in Congo, and lithium. mined in and ruining Tibet. Just check your freaking facts, would you? Hybrid cars, Teslas, iPhones: basically everything that powers a millennial's life is derived from poison ripped from the ground, by humans, under horrid conditions.

The resulting pollution's a bummer, too.