Contracts and Pending

180 Park.jpg

180 Park Avenue, Greenwich, $4.1 million is under contract. I've liked this house since it was built in 2008, when it was priced at $4.850. It's solidly built to high-quality standards and located on one our prettiest in-town streets (I define "in-town" as any place from which you can easily walk to Whole Foods). The market disagreed, and for the past  ten years it's been on and off the market, with long periods of rentals. Now it's finally found a buyer.

If I have one criticism, it's the baffling decision by the builder/owners not to plant a screening hedge on this busy curve. Had they done so back in 2008, It wouldn't have been terribly expensive, and today the back yard would enjoy great privacy.


50 Hillcrest

50 Hillcrest

50 Hillcrest Park Road, $2.499 million. Never a favorite of mine — no back yard was just one of its drawbacks — this house has seen a slow decline in its value. It sold new for $2.885 in 2004, used for $2.565 in 2013 and now, it's going for less than $2.499 five years later. Houses can depreciate, as this one illustrates.

76 shore.jpg

76 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, asking $2.295 million. The Mickster and I were involved in a rather heated bidding war between potential buyers for this 0.58-acre lot back in September, 2016, and our client "won", paying $2.502 million on an asking price of $2.295. I don't recommend entering into bidding wars, but if a client is determined, I'll o my best to achieve his goals. After purchase, a very nice new house was designed by local (excellent) Greenwich architect Doug VanderHorn was prepared, but the client changed his mind. I wasn't asked to represent him on this resale — perhaps because I "let" him bid more than he should have? Who knows?