Home Depot will open in two weeks

home depot.jpg

Right over the Stamford border. It certainly won't help Feinsod's, in Old Greenwich, but it will be nice to avoid the drive to Port Chester or Norwalk to pick up supplies.

Funny story: long ago, visiting a friend in the Hamptons (back when there were still chicken farms and potato fields), I met his girlfriend, a lawyer from Georgia. Over dinner, she complained bitterly about a client who'd retained her to bring the company public and, after the work was done, told her they had no cash, but would pay her in stock options instead. Boy, was she angry!

The company, of course, was Home Depot. Years later, I asked my friend whatever happened to Christine, and he told me she'd worked a couple more years and then retired, a very, very wealthy young woman. 

You never know. My friend certainly didn't, because he'd let her slip away before lightning struck.