So Harry and Betty Boop got married

Caught some of the ceremony on the internet, and was struck by (a), the Brits know how to stage pomp and circumstance, and (b) how utterly irrelevant the kingdom is to world affairs.

Britain has 80,000 soldiers — the US fields 1.1 million — only 60,000 of whom are deemed fit for combat, has no naval fleet, and basically no air force. The country just built an aircraft carrier, but has admitted that it lacks the funds to procure airplanes to station on it. A preacher at Harry's wedding went on and on about the "power of one", and I suppose that's how the Brits intend to rule the world. Fat chance.

It was interesting to see from that live feed — it was from the "Today" show — how supposedly adult correspondents were reduced to dripping puddles of fawning adulation over "royalty". I haven't witnessed such mindless mewing since Obama left the scene.