Nice, in-town listing

11 dearfield.jpg

11 Dearfield Lane is new to the market today, priced at $3.3 million. A house flipper bought this 1928 house back in February, 2004, did a remarkable job completely renovating it and practically doubling its size, and put in back up for sale five months later for $3.690. Much as I admired the work done, I, and the market, thought that a silly price and so it proved. The current owners paid $2.9 for it a year-plus later, July, 2006, and, in my opinion, didn't overpay.

Further improvements have been made, and this asking price, subject to some negotiation, is not wildly implausible. It's a house with great charm, and for those seeking an in-town property, in this price range, a house well worth viewing.

(Totally unrelated, and more as a suggestion to other sellers, I note that one of the pictures in the listing is a portrait of the owners' son. Nothing wrong at all with leaving that portrait up during showings, but in this age of kooks and weirdos, I'd be wary of putting a child's picture on the Internet. I'm probably paranoid: after all, the houser and address are posted, but ....)