Jews for bobsledders

My very, very close friend, Louis Van Leeuwen, is hosting, again, a fundraiser at the Riverside Yacht Club June 2nd for the Jamaican bobsledding team. Luigi's parents, with my pal Lou precariously tucked in his mother's womb, escaped Hitler by walking from Holland, through France, and across the Pyrenees into Spain, where they discovered that the only country willing to offer refuge was Jamaica (which will always be a black mark on our own country), so that's where the parents sailed to, and that's  where our boy was born.

The family eventually made its way here and, due almost entirely to my own efforts on his behalf, Luigi made good, and has acquired quite a reputation as a custom builder, among other enterprises. Tickets to this fest aren't cheap: they start at fifty-bucks, but even allowing for a certain slippage into the host's pockets, and more for the food and music, some of that money is bound to find its way to a worthy cause. And you'll have a blast.