The Gid's former house is pending

113 patterson.jpg

113 Patterson Avenue, asking $2.5 million, is reported as pending.

Brother Gideon sold the place for $1.850 in 2015, the new owners came in, did a nice improvement project and placed it back on the market at $2.795 million eleven months later. That proved an overly-optimistic valuation of their work, so it was pulled that year and returned in April this year at $2.5 million, and found a buyer.

A very nice house, originally built in 1925 for Brunswick's headmaster, and the redone kitchen and baths are nice, but the Brunswick playing field that Gideon and Susie used to look over is being turned into housing, and the vacant, wooded lot to the east is being developed. Still, its central Greenwich, and who expects rural bliss in this neighborhood?

Never did like the kitchen's location on the bottom floor, with dining area one level up, though. That was a fine arrangement in 1925, when cooks and other servants knew their place, but inconvenient for today's lifestyle.