I'm sure they enjoyed their stay here over the past 19 years, but it came at a price

167 zaccheus.jpg

167 Zaccheus Mead Lane is pending: last ask, down from $10.5 million, was $6.495 million. We've written of this property before (several times, in fact, and so did Greenwich Time) praising its 4 acre lot, desirable location and the beauty of the original 1904 home, but the owners made some unfortunate decisions while expanding it to 13,000+ feet from 8,000, and it's sat for a number of years, unwanted.

It was purchased in 1999 for $6.2 million — $9.363 in current dollars — and assuming that some real money was spent adding on those 5,000 additional square feet, then this sale is going to represent a rather large loss. 

Of course, anyone who could afford to pay $6.2 for a house in 1999 can surely afford a big bite today, but still ....