Lake Avenue auction

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560 Lake Avenue up for auction online, minimum bid $1.420 million. It's not a bad house, or wasn't back when it sold for the (ridiculous) price of $5.450 back in 2006, but it's been ridden hard and put away wet:, The property's been the subject of a foreclosure suit since 2010 and court records show that the owners have brought in roommates to presumably share expenses: a commune isn't, generally, a good bet for proper maintenance. Worse, I see no evidence from those same records that the owners and their friends have actually been ejected — I'd want some assurance on that matter.

Here are some interior pictures from a post back in January, 2017. The place is a wreck, but if a number in the low $2s  takes it, it's probably salvageable. Otherwise, I'd let it go.

This link to its expired listing might work, or not: it may be restricted to MLS members, but try it.

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