Amazing election results: Ned Lamont only won the Democrat primary by 85%

Joe Ganim received 15% of the votes.

After serving seven years in prison for corruption and stealing from his constituents, Ganim was reelected Mayor of Bridgeport by an overwhelming margin, which, given his city's electorate, should have come as no surprise, but couldn't retrieve his law license. But he did have chutzpah to seek his party's nomination for Governor — give him that.

In July 2010, Ganim was released after serving seven years in prison.[34] After his release, Ganim worked as a legal assistant at his family’s law firm in Bridgeport.[35] Ganim and his brother George Ganim Jr. also opened a consulting service, Federal Prison Consultant LLC, which offered other white-collar convicts advice on surviving federal prison terms.[36]

Ganim also sought restoration of his license to practice law. In 2012, a five-member panel of the State of Connecticut Grievance Committee recommended that Ganim’s license be restored.[37] In September 2012, a three-judge panel of Connecticut Superior Court judges rejected the recommendation, writing that: “Allowing an applicant to be readmitted to the practice of law following a conviction on 16 counts of racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, mail fraud, bribery and filing false income tax returns without any apology, expression of remorse, or explanation, and with only a vague acceptance of an unspecified event, simply would set the bar for readmission too low in the state, and we are unwilling to do that.”[38] Ganim appealed to the Connecticut Supreme Court in 2014, which unanimously ruled against his effort to have his law license restored.[26][35] In 2017, Ganim applied to the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut for permission to practice in that federal court without being readmitted to the Connecticut bar; these efforts were rebuffed by the court.[39]

With a record of service like that, I'm astonished that only 15% of his fellow Democrats supported his candidacy. Should have been a shoo-in. 

Separated at birth, or just an uncanny resemblance? Just sayin'

Separated at birth, or just an uncanny resemblance? Just sayin'