This latest price cut might do it: we'll see


10 Hillside Drive — the other Hillside Drive; this one's in Rock Ridge — has dropped to $4.950 million. A 1905 mansion, reasonably updated, on 2 acres within easy walking distance of Greenwich Avenue, yet it offers another example of overpricing when first starting off in an attempt to sell a house.

Back in 2011 I had a client who very much wanted an older house in this neighborhood, and she was struck by this one when we toured it. But it needed too much work to justify its then-price tag of $6.395, so  we moved on. Chalk up one lost sale.

The new price of $5 million might have made this property attractive back then, but after sitting unloved on the market for seven years, can you blame a buyer for hesitating at buying a house no-one else has wanted, for years?

All that said, Rock Ridge is a great, expensive neighborhood, so it wouldn't surprise me if a buyer who loves old homes decides to take a chance and grab this at, say, $4.5ish?