Pell Place, Riverside, reported as pending

24 pell.jpg

24 Pell Place, asking $3.395 million. Owner paid $3.435 when it was new in 2004, made improvements, and put it back up for sale in 2017 at $4.540. Last April I praised the house for its exceptional quality and recommended it, but suggested that it would continue to linger until the Binney Park dredging project was completed, and even then, because of its lengthy stay on the market, would probably sell for less than its new price of $3.6. The dredging is finally complete, a buyer appeared in late August, and now the contingencies in that contract have been satisfied.

I’m happy for the owner, but I do think she paid a price for the improvements at Binney — poor timing, although unavoidable — but the buyers are doing well here.

pell view.jpg