Prepare for a Blue Wave

News that Julie Salazar won her primary challenge against fellow-Democrat, conventional liberal and eight-term Brooklyn state senator Martin Dilan was a shocker. Brooklyn has yuppified, and its new wave of “woke” citizens supported Salazar, a self-proclaimed socialist despite the exposure of her lies about everything she’d claimed on her resume: according to her, she was a Jew born in Columbia, to impoverished parents, grew up in impoverished circumstances in Miami, began working at 14 to support her family, and yet still managed to graduate Columbia University. But according to her own brother (and confessed by her), she was born in Miami, a baptized Catholic, her father, a commercial pilot, provided a very nice waterfront home in that city, she attended a posh, private school, took a part-time job, as he did, because their parents wanted to instill a work-ethic, not from need, and, turns out, she never graduated from any university, let alone Columbia. None of that mattered to her supporters.

All of this perfidy came out before the election, but she still won, and to me, that speaks to the hysterical hatred of Trump and the energy and determination of the anti-Trumpsters: they’re turning out in droves, and will turn out again in November; I see no such energy among conservatives to preserve our toehold.

Another harbinger: Nike sales of Kaepernick merchandise soared 31% after it released its new advertising campaign extolling his denunciation of America. That’s people putting their money where their mouths are.

And it’s not just white, educated suburban women who are frothing at the mouth in their eagerness to hit the voting booth: I had an interesting conversation with my (rural) fuel delivery guy the other day and, in five minutes, he repeated at least five lies about Trump that he’d “learned” from TV headlines, and can’t wait for “free”, single-payer health care. I gently corrected him (I don’t go for in-your-face confrontations), but it was obvious that he never goes beyond headlines, and never will. With a 96%-negative coverage of Trump in our media, and the fact that an appalling percentage of Americans receive all their news from that media, it’s astonishing that Trump still holds a 39% approval rating. But 39% won’t be enough.

All of which is to say that I’ve never seen such furious hatred for a president, and that fury is going, I believe, to drive record numbers of anti-Trump voters from their homes in two months and sweep Republicans from office.

So no more judicial appointments in the next two years, no more deregulation, and no more legislation, period. For that matter, we can expect an end to the investigation and exposure of the FBI’s illegal spying on Trump, a crime that, in saner times, might have reigned in an out of control, entrenched government agency.

Which seems a shame, but I’m old enough now to console myself that the collapse of America will come near the end of my life, and it will be my two beloved, delusional daughters who will have to live with the consequences. I tried my best, my best was not enough to overcome twenty years of indoctrination by state education.

So it goes.