Speaking of aspirational pricing

lake drive.jpg

A spec house at 18 Lake Drive, Riverside, set off last February at $4.8 million, having missed the spring market, the summer market (there is one), and almost a month of the fall, reduced its price to $4.299. Lake Drive is a good location: walk to the train, the schools and, should you be clubbable, the yacht club, and the house is about what you can expect from new Riverside construction — nothing particularly out of convention — so I assume price has been the objection. This latest cut may resolve that.

Has anyone else noticed the fetish with toilets in our town’s new construction? This house has six bedrooms, six full baths and two 1/2 baths, and that’s typical these days. Unless families are doing a lot of dining out at Chipolte’s, I don’t understand the need too have so many toilets ready for simultaneous use.

Just sayin’.