I'm so old. I remember when Yale Law school had the reputation of producing intelligent graduates

Kavanugh nomination and sexual assault allegations spark protest ad Yale Law School.

Of course, it is true that Hillary and Bill Clinton were spawned by that institution, but they were merely scheming hypocrites; this Miss Catherine McCarthy, former “sexual assault and crisis counselor” on the other hand, is a drooling idiot if she can’t see the irony in her words. Sadly, she’s bound to find employment in some governmental agency, where she can continue her thinking [sic] and her activist ways. Can’t stop that, I suppose, but there was time when Yale grads were deemed fit to practice in the real world.

“I think Yale Law School, as an institution and as an administration, has an obligation to speak out on behalf of legal process and the rule of law,” said Catherine McCarthy, a third-year student.