No improvement in our Northeast Kingdom, alas



373 Taconic Road, which sold for $9.350 million in 2005, has been back up for sale since 2016, when it arrived on the market with a $9.750 price tag; it was reduced today to $5.999, and even with a nearly four-million-dollar price cut, I’m guessing it still has a ways to fall.

Exactly two years ago, when, after a year on the market, the price had been cut to $8.495, I discussed the house and its prospects, and predicted that it faced a hard slog before it found a buyer. That prediction may nor have been preternaturally prescient, but it was accurate enough for present purposes.

Our northeast corner has never commanded premium prices, so kudos to the agent who unloaded this 12,000 sq.ft. behemoth on her customer 14 years ago, * but there’s no happy ending here: not for this owner.

  • credit where credit’s due: Tamar Lurie sold her own listing; just yesterday I commented on her wicked sense of humor