This seems like a dumb strategy, but the Republicans are known for those

So, after much consideration, I finally decided to spring $25 for an “official” Trump hat: get something to wear when I choose to stroll through dangerous liberal neighborhoods like the Upper West Side, and toss a few bucks into the Republican Party coffers while at it.

But no, you can’t just buy a hat and be done with it. Instead, the party demands both an email address and a phone number, and thoughtfully provides the following warning:

By providing your phone number, you are consenting to receive calls and SMS/MMS messages, including autodialed and automated calls and texts, to that number from each of the participating committees in the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, Donald J. Trump for President Inc. and the Republican National Committee. Msg & data rates may apply.

Thank you, but no: I don’t want any damn hat badly enough to pay you for it and give you permission to invade my house at all hours of the day with robo-calls and emails.

So no deal.