Would it be immoral to build a wall in this instance?

Build the Wall!

Build the Wall!

Randy procreators ruining one of the world’s most popular nudist beaches, Es Cavillet in Iberia

Tourists hooking up on Ibiza’s most famous nudist beach are causing massive damage to the island’s protected sand dunes, furious environmentalists have claimed.

The white sands of Es Cavallet are so beautiful they have become a haunt for millions of tourists, including those who want to get intimate on holiday.

But now campaigners say the steamy sessions are to blame for the erosion of the famous, but delicate, dunes which are part of Ses Salines Natural Park.

Geologists and biologists say that the excessive sexual activity is causing damage which can’t be undone and claim unbridled passion has turned the zone into an “outdoor riding arena.”

The sexual activity is “degrading” the landscape and a unique geological system, they say.

Island newspaper Diario de Mallorca says the protected areas of the beach are closed off with fencing but cruisers are jumping over them on a daily basis.

Biologist Joan Carles Palerm has told Diario de Mallorca: “Free access like this is causing the break-up of the dunes and their structures.”

“The system that maintains them is very complex and any alteration, such as this continuous activity, fatally affects them.

The sex is said to be uprooting fragile plants on the sand which are vital for the environment.

This leaves gaps which are then invaded by the wind and the sand dunes start to erode.

Geologists say people have been warned not to jump the fences but there is still a “non-stop frenzy.”

They say an information campaign was tried several years ago but visitors ignored the advice and even became aggressive.

Patrols are being ruled out because unless they can be done on a daily basis, cruisers would go away one day but return the next.