Not bad, for Pecksland


79 Pecksland Road, asking $3.5 million, reports a pending sale. It started off in 2016 at $3.990, so this isn’t too bad a haircut, considering Pecksland’s declining popularity. The sellers paid $5.4 million for it in 2002, but that was an Ogilvy-To-Ogilvy transaction, and values had a tendency to get a bit skewed back then, when such sales were common.

I notice that the listing describes this house as enjoying a “casual elegance”. My cousin Ed, who has made a very nice living (far better than this lawyer) providing special effects for the movie and advertising industries – think explosions, Tropicana oranges splitting in half in midair and squeezing their juice into glasses, etc.— once described his work truck as “elegant, without being overly ostentatious”. I always preferred his term over “casual”.