Global warming High Priestesses' private jet almost crashes on junket to Mexico


Jenifer Aniston and Courtney Cox wanted to Mexico to attend a birthday party but were forced to return after Aniston’s private jet plane suffered mishap

Jennifer Aniston and her Friends co-star Courteney Cox were jet-setting to Mexico for a birthday trip but were forced  to make a terrifying emergency landing on Friday.

The two actresses were in Aniston’s private jet bound for Cabo San Lucas around 11am when the plane lost a wheel during take-off at LAX airport, according to the FAA.

The plane made it all the way down to Mexican airspace but turned around back to Ontario, California after crew members deemed it wasn't safe to land. 

Aniston, who just turned 50 on February 11, was with 54-year-old Cox, actress Amanda Anka, screenwriter Molly Kimmel, and eight others on board the Gulfstream Aerospace IV plane. 

One might think that, because both actresses speak out so loudly and often on the dangers of global warming and the urgent need too end it now (just Google either of their names with “climate change), that this near miss might have given them occasion to pause and wonder what affect their personal behavior might be having on their climate. If so, you would be wrong:

[The Airport crew] speedily removed the luggage from the faulty private plane and transferred it onto another bigger private jet.